Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Pallet advice needed!

A friend of mine recently got some new furniture. When the company delivered it, they left the pallet. My husband offered to take it off his hands and use it for firewood.

Firewood, people!! He wanted to use a perfectly good pallet for firewood. I mean, being the refashionista that I am, of course that awesome piece of perfectly good wood isn't going to get chopped up and used as firewood.

Psh, men. They're so...practical.

With my obsession with wanting to find and use an old door for a headboard over the past few weeks, my mind immediately went to that, but that idea was nixed right away when my hubby informed me that it'd be too small for our king-size bed. I was pretty bummed about that, and yes, I'm still obsessed with finding a door. Several of you told me that you have a few old doors in your possession - I'm so jealous! If you're ever in the Memphis area and happen to have a door with you, feel free to drop by. I'll gladly take it off your hands.

Even though I wouldn't be able to use the pallet as a headboard, I was able to find a lot of other inspirational uses thanks to my favorite addiction, Pinterest, which is always there to give me constant eye candy during break time, time I should be spending cleaning the house, and each night when I should be sleeping instead.


Sooo many beautiful uses for something that I used to just overlook. While shopping at Sam's Club this past weekend, I walked past several pallets with fruits and vegetables stacked on them, and all I could think about is what I could turn those pallets into. And then the good Lord saw the crazy thoughts going through my head and decided it might be a pretty good idea to send a pallet my way before I started dumpster diving in the Sam's Club back alley. 

Good call, good call.

So this is what I'm thinking of doing with my new pallet. I want to put these in my craft room when I give it a much needed face lift soon.

What do you think? I really love the idea and, as someone who has NEVER tried to make furniture of any kind before, this seems like a relatively safe first project. These shelves look pretty simple to make, but I know nothing about this furniture thing. I was thinking about possibly painting them white and maybe distressing them some, which is yet another process I know nothing about.

I need your help!! If I mess this project up, the fine people of Sam's Club are going to find me rummaging through their dumpsters for more pallets in the very near future.


  1. This made me giggle, but what great uses for pallets! I know nothing in the way of advising how to transform these and all i can say is be careful of all the splinters. I cant wait to see your finished project, best of luck x

  2. I want to make shelves like that too, but for my kitchen. Good call!

  3. I like the photo rack (the last one) best. I have seen directions for using pallets to make compost bins, if you are into gardening!

  4. I did see somewhere recently where someone used pallets for craft room but used as a drawers to hold papers (it might have been on pinterest)....

  5. I L-O-V-E those shelves! I have some pallets I've been trying to figure out what to do with too. I think I'm going to make some of those for my son's room, or the kids' play room.
    I also love the bed. Beautiful!!

  6. I did see somewhere that they used the boards from the pallets to cover one wall of the bedroom. They took them apart, stained the boards, put a finish on them like a poly and nailed them to the wall~ alternating the rows across so as to not have the ends all meet in the same place. They laid out the design on the floor first and then began~ it looked great when done~ the variation in the color of the boards made the wall very interesting. Start collecting your pallets!


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