Friday, April 1, 2011

Another shirt refashion

I just wanted to share a little spring refashion I did the other day with you! I gotta say, this turned out way better than I hoped it would.

A friend of mine gave me a bag full of some great kid's clothes as well as some women's shirts, knowing I would either wear them or turn them into something else. One in particular caught my eye (probably because brown and turquoise are my favorite combination). I knew I wanted to make it into a dress for Haley.

Here's the original shirt:

The colors are a little off on the picture above because I didn't have good lighting, sorry! The shirt really is turquoise and brown. Note the extra awesome purple buttons (which were immediately removed). And after some seam ripping, hemming, and general sewing awesomeness, this is what the shirt became:

As you can see, she found a really interesting stick that she wanted to play with instead of posing for me.

I just love easy refashions where I barely have to do any sewing! Since I used the shirt from the neckline down, there was no need to hem the bottom because it was already hemmed. The neckline of the shirt easily became the neckline and straps of the dress, so I didn't need to do much there either. I just used my seam ripper to separate the binding from the neck to the shoulders and then (using a dress that fits my daughter) I traced and cut the dress in a simple A-line style. I stitched the raw seam of my newly created straps to the back of the dress, and then (my favorite part) I made a flower out of the extra fabric I cut off. The flower is basically a bunch of circles I cut out and folded twice, then stacked on top of each other in a circle. It really completes the dress. I didn't hem or bind the armholes at all because I was feeling lazy and I know the knit fabric won't fray.

I like it so much, I'm thinking of doing a tutorial for how to make this dress from scratch. What anyone be interested?


  1. This is cute! A tutorial would be great. =]

  2. So. Freakin. Cute. I have a ton of shirts that I no longer fit into that I've been saving to refashion. I will be digging through the pile now that you've thrown a little inspiration my way!

  3. I loved browsing through some of your refashions. You do a wonderful job. It's so rewarding isn't it? I learned some interesting tips too. Thanks! And thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

  4. Yes! Very interested. I think this dress turned out sooo great.

  5. absolutely. This is so cute. I am totally a new follower of your blog. It is just so cute. I love all your creative ideas:>


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