Friday, July 30, 2010

Please hold

So, you may have noticed I haven't done a lot of posting lately. That's because 1. I'm 20 weeks pregnant today (yay halfway point!) which has made me sooooo lazy sleepy 2. I have had so much going on lately and have been whipping out projects like it's my job in between all that other stuff so I haven't had time to post them!

So what have I been up to?

  1. Making birthday presents for my mom and sisters-in-law
  2. Chasing around a hyper 16-month-old
  3. Taking said 16-month-old to the doctor and hospital for chest x-rays for possible bronchitis (none, thank God!)
  4. Pinning down 16-month-old while the husband and I attempt to get her to wear an aspirator mask for 10 minutes - which is FOREVER in toddler world - to help get rid of her smoker's hack (in case you're wondering, she hates that machine, even if it is named "Margo Moo" and shaped like a cow to make it more "fun")
  5. Making necklaces out of metal washers and Diamond Glaze (there will be pictures and a possible giveaway on this soon!)
  6. Multiple trips to the OB to monitor my cervix and see if I need to get a cerclage (ugh there's that "c" word) to keep the baby in til the big day. So far it's a no!
  7. Playing more with freezer paper stenciling - I know, I have a problem
  8. Running, yes I said running, 4 miles, 3 days a week. I'm sure I'm quite the sight to my neighbors as I waddle around the neighborhood in all my pregnant glory
  9. Driving to Mississippi to get a kid's dresser with shelves we found on Craig's List to use as my new craft table and storage (yay!!)
  10. Making more cloth stackable rings for a friend
  11. Gathering fabric to make Steeler's-themed baby bedding for Connor (I need to start on that soon!)
  12. Making a hanging crib basket for Haley so she has toys to play with in the morning - and hopefully lets us sleep in
  13. Random other projects/duties that keep popping up

    So that's what's up. Thanks for holding, I should be with you shortly :)

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