Thursday, July 1, 2010

The "Miss Independence Day" dress

It's almost Independence Day, so I wanted to make Haley some kind of holiday skirt or dress. I knew I wanted it to be red, white and blue and have ruffles...then I found a great tutorial for
the Playground Dress by Nicole on her blog Create and Delegate!

I followed her basic design, but I added my own spin to it since I wanted to use a shirt that I had rather than cutting a separate strip of fabric for the bottom (which would have been super cute had I been feeling up to doing some extra hemming!) Thus, the "Miss Independence Day" dress was born!

Check Haley out, modeling as if she were born to do it. Yes that's a weed in her right hand, but it kind of looks like a pretty flower, right? This dress is made entirely of scraps from 3 different shirts (including one that I found during my recent garage sale marathon.) I got so into making it that I stayed up until 11:30pm to finish. The exhaustion the next day was totally worth it. I can't wait for her to wear it on the 4th!

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