Thursday, March 8, 2012

It's party central over here

So, there's this little girl who is turning 3. THREE. I know that I've had a whole year to see this coming, but it still hit me out of nowhere. And she has been talking about her birthday for weeks now.  Haley gets really excited when other people have birthdays because she gets cake out of the deal (I get excited for the same reason), so when we told her that her third birthday is coming up, she hasn't stopped talking about cake. Specifically, strawberry cake. She still speaks in sentences with gibberish thrown in, so I mostly hear something like this:
"Haley's happy birthday, and dsjdagjkl strawberry cake and fjlkh dfkjakdjg present skj open and butterfly inside! Yay!"
I don't know when she decided that she absolutely HAD to have strawberry cake, but that's the one thing I knew had to be included in her party. The present with a butterfly inside? Not sure if I can swing that. I have no luck with pets in general, so putting one in a box as a present to my 3-year-old is probably out of the question.

I'm pretty excited about the theme actually. When I plan birthdays for the kids, I usually have to sit there and think really hard about what to make to go along with the theme. Haley started out wanting a Rapunzel party, but suddenly a couple months ago she had a change of heart.

And Instead of telling you exactly what theme I'm planning, I'm going to be mean and make you guess the theme based on what I have pinned on Pinterest :)

 So, any guesses? (that last one pretty much gave it away :) Her party is this Saturday, and we're so excited to celebrate!


  1. Definitely Up! I love it, can't wait to see what you do.

  2. An Up party! How fun! Love the balloon wreath. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl!

  3. Thanks for featuring our toppers! Have a grrrreat party! :)


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