Monday, March 5, 2012


Haley was released today! This morning, things weren't looking promising, but by noon her oxygen levels stabilized and they sent her home. Haley is still healing up, but our happy, energetic girl is back, and boy was she missed. We have to continue to give her some medicines and do breathing treatments with a mask for the next three days, but at least she's home and away from all the machines and doctors.

I am on cloud nine right now. My husband and I took off work all day today so we could spend some quality time with our girl. We cuddled, we colored, and then we cuddled some more. There was absolutely nothing else I would have rather done with my day.

Thank you to all of you who sent their thoughts and prayers our way, they are cherished. Now, I have to make up for all the lost time and finish planning Haley's birthday party this weekend! My only saving grace is that I started planning things out early, whew!


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