Sunday, January 15, 2012

BFF Coffee Cozy

I have to have my coffee in the morning. And I mean, a big ol' cup of it. My husband jokingly says I have a bucket of coffee in the morning. A bucket is one of the standard coffee measurements, right? Tall, grande, venti, bucket. Yep.

Maybe "bucket" is comparable to Starbucks' alleged "trenta size" which is apparently larger than the capacity of the human stomach. 31 ounces of coffee. Talk about your coffee buzz. Is it bad that I want to try this? That sounds like the right amount it would take me to start my day off without being a troll.

Since it's beginning to actually feel like winter in Tennessee (and also due to the fact that I've been drinking multiple buckets of coffee thanks to my new Keurig that I got for Christmas), I wanted to share a coffee sleeve that I made for a friend awhile ago.

It's a simple sleeve that I made by tracing a cardboard Starbucks sleeve on 2 layers of felt, adding additional felt coffee and muffin characters, then finishing it off with a blanket stitch around the edges. I also added a few french knots for the blueberries and couple seed beads for the eyes on the coffee cup.

Maybe one of these days I'll actually keep something I make haha.

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  1. I think your bucket of coffee needs it's own custom cozy. :)

  2. This is adorable! Great blog btw! Look forward to following you!

  3. I really want to make this. I just bought felt last night. Do I need a certain needle for embroidery thread? BTW what part of Tn are you in I am from east TN :)


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