Friday, May 6, 2011

Mother's Day card

Raise your hand if you've completely spaced on Mother's Day this weekend! Just me then?....crap.

When people find out you like to create, they seem to expect that you plan ahead and have a project ready for every holiday....or maybe it's just me that's behind? I get so caught up in other projects that I've committed to, or have gotten just too excited about, that I don't plan ahead for holidays and therefore either end up doing things last minute or not at all.

That's why I was so thankful to see Polly's post pop up on my blog reading list yesterday. Over at Helping Little Hands, Polly posted a great idea to make a Mother's Day Bubbles Card.

Here's her version:

She took an adorable picture of her daughter blowing bubbles, and then used Photoshop to add the bubbles and wording. AND she was sweet enough to include her Photoshop file for others to make one for themselves - which is exactly what I did.

Since I already had a picture of my daughter blowing bubbles (the one in my header), I just flipped my image and moved the bubbles and wording where I wanted them in Photoshop. It seriously took me maybe 10 minutes. Love it.

Here's my finished card:

So cute, and I love that my mother and mother-in-law will be getting a personalized Mother's Day card!

Hope my mom and mother-in-law aren't reading this. If so, um...surprise! And Happy (early) Mother's Day!
GO HERE to visit Polly's blog and download the Photoshop file to make your own Mother's Day Bubbles card!

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  1. You get major cute points, major clever points, plus you get a bonus 100 points from me (the one with the English degree) for typing "Mothers'" not "Mother's". I mean...after everyone celebrating just this ONE AMAZING mother out there?

    I applaud you, woman.


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