Thursday, May 26, 2011

Ice cream!

The weather is getting warmer around here, and that means one thing.......


I used to be a Dairy Queen addict but since marrying my hubby, he's converted me to Baskin Robbins....which he calls "Baskin and Robbins" for some reason. I've tried to tell him that Mr. Robbins probably doesn't appreciate his name being split in two like that, but it's no use.

Of course, Haley wanted a bowl of the brightest, most-staining flavor. It's some kind of mix of green apple/blueberry/grape/stainyourcouch sherbet.

Bibs were definitely involved.

I stuck with their flavor of the month, Gold Rush, which was a delicious mix of lemon and golden Oreos. I love anything lemon! Patrick does not, however. Which means any lemon flavored junk food is untouched. More for me!

Connor may have had a bite or two...

I love the ice cream goatee. Definitely a good look for him.

I love this warm weather! I'm just not looking for the burn-your-skin-off-hot summers that I know are only a few weeks away.

Maybe that means even more visits to Baskin Robbins? I'm ok with that. And so is a certain someone else I know.

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  1. Super cute pics! Summer is always full of these memory making moments. Thanks for sharing them.


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