Friday, February 26, 2010

Ring around

I bought a book of sewing projects for babies called Sweet Booties! before Haley was born. Aside from the questionable name, it has a lot of really cute projects in it. After looking through them and deciding which one I was least likely to royally screw up on, I decided to try making cloth stackable rings. The project required assorted fabrics, ribbons, and materials to make the wooden post that the rings are stacked on.

I managed to make all of the rings before Haley was born, and they ended up looking pretty good. The wooden post was another matter though. It didn't take much - a wooden dowel, wooden ball for the top, and a wooden base that have to be attached with dowel screws and then painted - but I haven't worked with wood since middle school when I had a woodworking elective. Looking back on it, woodworking is kind of a weird elective for middle school. Did anyone else have woodworking in middle school?? Anyway, fast forward 11 months and I finally finished it!
Haley loves to chew on the rings and play with the ribbons. She hasn't gotten the whole "stacking" thing down yet, but she'll get there soon.


  1. oh Jen, TOO awesome!!!!!!! I'm so inspired. My cousin is also really into sewing, and I was thinking about getting a similar book for her with simple baby sewing projects, though I forget the name of it right now. I'm going to put this on my list!

  2. It really is a great book with creative projects. It has everything from clothes to toys, bedding, a mobile, burp cloths...and they're pretty easy. I think your cousin would like it! I got it at barnes and noble


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