Monday, June 25, 2012

Knotted suede bracelets

I don't usually like to wear bracelets. I have skinny little wrists, so I can never seem to find one that fits just right. The bracelet usually ends up dangling loosely from my wrist as I write, and my handwriting already looks like a 3rd grade boy's, so I don't really need something that might make it even worse.

Despite my reservations, I was browsing the craft section recently on a trip to Wally World, and I spotted some suede cording that was just screaming to be made into bracelets. I'm in love with all of the pretty friendship bracelets and layering bracelets I've been seeing everywhere, so I grabbed some cording and beads and came up with these great knotted bracelets that get even ME to love wearing multiple bracelets all the time.

First to determine the length you need, wrap the cording loosely around your wrist. You need a length that is a little over 4 times your wrist size (it may seem big, but you'll be folding the cord in half and making lots of knots so if you're in doubt, make it too long so you have more to work with.) I have skinny little wrists, and my total length was 36 inches.

If you have small beads, you may want to snip the ends of your cording to make it easier to thread your beads on. Next, fold your cord in half and tie an overhand knot at the end to make a loop for the closure. Finally, thread your first bead on and tie a knot a little bit below the bead. Thread another bead on the side opposite where you strung the first bead and tie another knot. Repeat. Tie a knot at the end of the bracelet to finish.

Now you have a pretty knotted bracelet! You can buy all sorts of different colored suede cording and beads. I made a black and tan one, they go with everything :)

Layer them or wear one by itself, they're cute either way!

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  1. These are great and look really nice layered! I love the simple design.

  2. really sweet! like these a lot... pinned it for later :)
    ♥ much love

  3. Cute and simple. I think colored suede would also make cute bracelets for the summer!

  4. Very cute! Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. So cute! I love the look of them when they are layered especially. Pinned this and hope to try it!
    Jenn :)

  6. Cute cute! Love the layered look =)

  7. Jen these are so cute!! I just got some fun turquoise cording - I think I need to make a few up! Thanks so much for linking up - I featured you this week!

  8. I used this idea and went a little different direction with it, I have a post going up tomorrow morning about it. I did mention this tute and told people to come see your version! Drop by and take a look if you would like!



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