Friday, March 4, 2011


Two years ago yesterday morning I went in for a prenatal check up and found out I was 7 cm dilated at 35 weeks. I called Daddy at work and told him it was finally happening, we were going to get to meet you that very day. We were nervous because we still had 5 weeks left until your due date, but we were ready for you. And you were ready to meet us. You have been a fighter from the day I first felt you kick.

Daddy met me at the hospital and we watched movies until it was time for me to push. A short 30 minutes later you were here, my little 6 pound 2 oz baby girl. So tiny and perfect, no complications despite being 5 weeks early. And now, here you are 2 years later. You never sit still. You talk nonstop about the colors in everything you see. You can count to 10, even if you skip a number here and there. You love your baby brother and your kitty. You still do everything your way.

Happy 2nd birthday, sweet girl. I'm so glad God chose us to be your parents.

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