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Fresh Beat Band Birthday: The Big Day!

My daughter turned 2 yesterday, and if you've been reading along, we celebrated by throwing her a Fresh Beat Band-themed birthday. If you don't know who the Fresh Beat Band is, imagine High School Musical meets The Wiggles and there you have it. They're happy, they're colorful, and if they ever get in a bind, their problems can always be solved by a song or two. If only life was that simple right?

In any case, my daughter LOVES the Fresh Beat Band. If they ever go on tour, you better believe we'll have front row seats. She calls them "my Ba Beats," and if she's ever upset about anything, we can turn on an episode of Fresh Beat Band and it cheers her right up. After a year of watching Fresh Beat Band, I know every song, episode, and catch phrase of each band member. They've practically become members of the family. Like second cousins who show up to entertain our kid then leave after eating all the good snacks.

For Haley's second birthday, I wanted everything to be Fresh Beat Band themed from the decorations to the goody bags and the food. Considering there are no Fresh Beat Band party supplies out there yet, I think I did pretty well with what I could find or create. I was rushing around to do so much so I ran out of time and I unfortunately didn't get as many pictures of the table as I had wanted.

It was all about color color color. All of the partyware and decorations were bright and colorful (since everything and everyone in the show is colorful.) Rather than choosing one color, I thought it would be more appropriate to use a variety of colors based on those used in the show.

The musical notes I cut out were hung from the living room fan as well as over the table - which I didn't get pictures of , grr.

The Food

The food was my favorite part of the party. Everything was themed around the show. I even made individual tags for each food item with catchy names like "Hip, Hop, and Popcorn" and "Groovy Orange Smoothie." Call me corny, but I thought it was a fun touch.

Everyone's favorite part was the Oreo Truffle Pops (I've got to come up with a better name). There was only one left after the party was over! I make Oreo Truffles pretty regularly for my hubby who is obsessed with them, but for the party I decided I wanted to make them kind of like cake pops. I made the truffles as usual, then added some sprinkles on top and stuck them on popsicle sticks. I then made some  tags for the pops, which I modified from these cake pop tags on Using Photoshop, I just changed the colors and wording to fit the theme. They turned out so cute!


I think they were Haley's favorite too :)

The Cake

Of course we had to have a Fresh Beat Band cake. I made the cake myself with the Funfetti cake mix, then my husband made the icing (I gotta give the man credit, the frosting was awesome!) We used a recipe for Cream Cheese Frosting from and added a little more confectioner's sugar because it needed a little more sweetness.

For the topper, we ordered an edible sugar screen print of the image that I made for Haley's birthday invites from a local baker. All we had to do was peel the topper off and place it on the cake. It looked great, and it was super easy. I used more of the frosting to decorate the edges and that was it!

I had to help her blow out her candle. She was a little confused as to why we would want her to get near a flame when we've continually told her that fire is bad.

Goody Bags

I went the simple route and used clear cellophane bags and ribbon for the goody bags. Each one is filled with crayons and the coloring pages I made in this post, plastic musical instruments, and bubbles shaped like guitars. They also each got a "Backstage Pass" that I printed off from the Fresh Beat Band printables on

Since the show is centered around music, the little instruments were perfect for the kids. Their parents might not agree with me though :)

To quote the Fresh Beat Band, it was a great day. Haley had a ton of fun at her party playing with all of her friends and eating nothing but sugar all day. It's just hard to believe she's already another year older. Every day she seems like she's doing or saying something new. When we ask her how old she is now, she'll even tell you "two!" ... and hold out five fingers.

We're working on it.

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  1. Very cute party! I am now singing "Nah nah nah let's go bananas" in my head. Thanks lol ;)

    Jessica @ Sweet Green Tangerine

  2. What a fun party! My daughter loves Fresh Beat Band too. I love all of the fun foods and favors.

  3. fabulous as always Jenpie! You are so creative. Hannah just finished saying that you are wondermom. I couldn't agree more.

  4. very cute and creative ideas!! my 3 year old likes that show as well- he enjoys dancing to all the songs :)


  5. My daughter love this band too! I have never seen a fresh beat band bday before.

    your daughter is adorable!

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    check it out.

  6. ADORABLE Jen!! Fantastic job on everything!! What a great way to spend a birthday when you are turning 2!! Can't wait to see what you a have planned when Conner has his first birthday :)

  7. AWESOME! Fresh Beat Band is pretty big around our house too. I love the cake topper you put on the cake. What a great touch.

  8. What a cute party! :) My girls love the Fresh Beat Band too! Nice work!

  9. FANTASTIC!!!:) I really liked your creative ideas.
    I had a Question...Could you email me your recipe for your Oreo Truffle Pops if you wouldn't mind please?

  10. How cute! I have never seen this theme used before and I am quite impressed with your little touches. Looks like a great time was had by all :)

  11. Thank u for showing us ur party it was great seeing it and my grandson loves them to death. and my daughter and I was trying to see if we could find some things but u just gave me a great idea to creat a lot of if on my own. She knows I like doing stuff like that.
    Again Thank U. My email is

  12. Love this! I was just looking into The Fresh Beat for my DD's 2nd Birthday! I was wondering where you found the image for the cake? My email is Thanks!!!

  13. Love all of your ideas and hoping you might share where/how you created the cake print? And if you'd share your recipe for the truffles, that would be fantastic too. Thank you!
    email is

  14. Hi there,

    My daughter is turning for in a few short weeks...and she is wanting a Fresh Beat Birthday..
    Wow.. I was SO impressed upon finding your blog. You are super creative!!
    How did you get an image to make your invitations/cake topper? I would love if you could share your template... I don't want to print the one off nickjr... I'd rather have it personalized.
    Thanks so much for sharing all of your fabulous ideas. What a great mommy!

    If you could please email me at

  15. Great job, I was throwing one in April and you did a wonderful job on it! Great job!

  16. HI! You did an adorable job! I stumbled upon your blog as I googled "Fresh Beat Band party supplies", and though I was disappointed to find that there are no mass produced Fresh Beat party supplies out there, I was inspired by your ideas. My daughter's party is in two weeks.....and I'm so glad to have found your blog! Thanks for sharing!!

  17. Hey! I just saw this and had to tell you that they ARE currently on tour so you should check it out! We are seeing them in May! My son is going to freak. out. :) Hope you guys can go see them live!

  18. My daugher loves The Fresh Beat Band and its going to be the theme for her second birthday. We couldnt find any fresh beat band party supplies, but I found everything on; I am going to print everything out and just fix it. By the way, your ideas are awesome!! loved them!!

  19. Great ideas! Would you be willing to share your backstage passes?

  20. anyway you can email the picture you made for her cake so i can change the name to my daughters name. She will be two and i wanna use that idea i tried making one myself but its just not the same as yours lol

  21. This is wonderful! I'm planning a Fresh Beat Band birthday party for my 2-year-old daughter at the end of this month. It's not been easy to find a lot of Fresh Beat Band party supplies (I want to make my own cake and toppers are tough to come by), but this has been super helpful. Thanks so much for sharing. I'm bookmarking this for later!


  22. My son is turning 3 next month. He loves FBB and wants that kind of party. I just googled FBB bday ideas and your blog popped up. I love the image you used for the invitation and cake and how it's personalized. Can you email me where you found it/how you did it? Thanks. I love the backstage passes and pictures too. Did those come from Nick Jr.? Can you emsil me that info please? Thanks.


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