Monday, August 9, 2010

Fruity felt

Who is that hiding among the bananas? It's a felt pear keychain! He's doing a pretty terrible job at camoflauge, but isn't he cute?

While he may not be a master of disguise, but this little felt pear is perfect for keeping your house key company or maybe adding to your already massive keychain collection.

This little guy was inspired by my friend Lindsey who writes about her "saucepan-passions" on her site A Pear to Remember. Lindsey reminds us that you don't have to be on the Food Network to make delicious, fresh just have to love good food. And who can't appreciate that? I shipped him off to Lindsey late last week where he now lives in less humid climates (lucky).

After making the little felt pear, I decided the poor guy looked pretty lonely, so I broke out more felt and made a watermelon slice, complete with french knot seeds.

Even with a bite taken out of his head, this little guy is still smiling. Maybe because he found a friend?

After making these two, I got excited and drew up a whole line of fruit and veggie felt friends that may have a future as a line of refrigerator magnets for Haley since she insists on taking all my other magnets down and carrying them around the house.

Also because I want a reason to make more of these guys but I don't know what I'd do with 15 keychains. Maybe I'll start a collection?

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  1. Oh, Mr. Pear looks so adorable on that banana... I'm tempted to take him off the house keys and put him on display!

    Okay, I wouldn't really do that, because he already makes me smile when I'm driving.

    Please please post photos of your next felty friends. LOVE the ideas of kids magnets. I'm all about promoting fruits and veggies : )


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