Tuesday, August 17, 2010

For the love of the Bee

As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Haley has an obsession with the bee from the Baby Einstein video "Baby's First Sounds." And when I say "obsessed," I mean to say that there is no other video or show (other than the Fresh Beat Band) that can make this extremely active child sit still for an extended period of time.

If you've never seen this movie before (lucky you, I can recite the whole thing from memory), it's a toddler movie made to introduce small children to their first sounds - baba, mama, ball, and for some reason "marionette" (where do these producers get off thinking "marionette" is a simple baby word anyway??) The main character of the movie is a bee who buzzes around and makes cute little squeaky noises while sniffing flowers and doing other bee-like activities. Pat and I have been forced to watch this movie so much that we just refer to the movie as "The Bee," as in "Haley, want to watch The Bee again for the tenth time today?"

With all this love for The Bee, I wanted to make Haley a Bee of her own! Now let me first say I realize this looks nothing like The Bee from Baby Einsteins, I wanted to try out a pattern of my own.

Bee has big blue eyes and enjoys long afternoons in the garden. She loves honey and buzzing around in the warm afternoon sun.

While I was at it, I thought it would be fun to make Haley a bee-themed shirt to go along with her stuffed Bee. Using some free clipart I found, I made a cute design with a bee and flower and used freezer paper stenciling (I know, yet again) to stencil it on a onsie I found at Wal-Mart for $2.00 - you can't beat that!

You want to make this cute shirt for your kiddo now don't you? Even if you want to make it for yourself don't worry, I won't judge you :) I don't know any fancy way of uploading the file, but I'll attach the picture below if you want to right click and save it to your computer and print it out in the size you need. If you need a refresher on freezer paper stenciling (or if your new to it) just go to my tutorial on freezer paper stenciling here to learn how to paint it on your shirt!


  1. Awww, look at how much she loves The Bee you made her! You're such a good mommy, Jenn! :)

  2. Thanks Mary!! That's one of the best compliments I could receive :)

  3. This reminds me of the first stuffie that mom made me before I was even born.. it was a lazy eyed raccoon. I still have it... I have a feeling this will be that lazy eyed stuffie that Haley keeps and uses to fuel her creativity in the future!


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