Monday, June 7, 2010

More stackable rings

I have an adorable little niece, Lena, who unfortunately lives 13 hours away. She's about 5 months now, so she's been getting more interactive and beginning to chew and pull on everything, as babies do. When Haley was little, I made her cute cloth rings with ribbon on them in different patterns and styles. She loved to chew on them and accessorize by wearing them as bracelets (usually accidentally :) I also made a wooden stand for the rings to go on, which I painted with acrylic paint, so that when she was older, she could learn how to stack them.

If Haley had stackable rings, Lena needed some too. Many people don't realize that, when babies are young, they don't see the full color spectrum for a few months. They like to look at the colors red and black the most because they have the best contrast, making them the most interesting. Luckily, I love fabrics in black and red, so I had a bunch to work with.

It was fun finding different ribbon to work with. Babies love the texture of ribbon, and many times the toys and blankets that have ribbon on them are super expensive. This project was made using lots of fabrics in fat quarter sizes and an assortment of ribbon. The most expensive part was probably the wooden parts and dowel screws (I got the wood pieces at Michael's and the dowel screws at Home Depot.) My hubby helped cut down the wooden rod since power tools and I don't mix.

I hear that Lena loves the rings and gnaws the living daylights out of them. If anything, they make great teething rings!

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