Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Silky blankies

When my daughter was born, my cousin sent her these adorable handmade flannel and satin blankies that she absolutely adores. She cuddles up to them at night, and won't leave her crib in the morning without reaching down and grabbing both blankets before she allows herself to be lifted out of bed.

My little 5 month-old niece, Lena, is now at the age where she is grabbing onto everything in sight, so my sister-in-law wanted to know if my cousin was still selling the blankets on her Etsy shop. After going online, I realized that she had closed her shop, but I thought it would be an easy enough project to tackle myself.

I went to Michael's and found 2 adorable patterns (1/2 each) and some pink satin material (1 yard.) I also picked up a few assorted ribbons to attach to sides of the blanket to give Lena something to play with as she cuddled with her blankies. After some measuring and pinning, I came out with 2 adorable blankies, and fabric to spare! I'm hoping a few pregnant friends of mine have girls so I can make some more :)

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