Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First haircut

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Well, we finally did it. We took Haley to get her hair cut for the first time! For almost 3 years, we've let her hair grow....and grow and grow. She has such beautiful long curls, but it had finally gotten to the point where her hair had a mind of its own and needed a trim.

I took her to Sweet and Sassy Salon, a salon and spa geared specifically to little girls. The facility itself is the ultimate in girly-ness - everything is pink and sparkly. They do haircuts and styles, spa services, and even parties! While we were, there a princess birthday party going on that Haley was absolutely captivated by (hence the zoned out look below.) The little girls were dressed in princess dresses and tiaras and were dancing around the place. I'm anticipating a future princess party for this girl.

Since she had never even had a trim before, Haley was skeptical when the stylist put her in a chair, draped a blanket around her so she couldn't move, and broke out a pair of scissors. Each time we visit the doctor's office, Haley screams and cries, so I was preparing for the worst.

This was the first cut when her little baby ringlets were chopped off :(

Thankfully, she did surprisingly well. Maybe it was the little television that each station is equipped with or the fact that there was glitter everywhere. Whatever the case, she was all smiles by the end. After cutting her hair, they also sprayed it with glitter (are you sensing a theme?) and then she had the option of having it sprayed with her choice of several scents. We chose strawberry :)

After that, she got her nails done too which is a special treat for her since we don't usually let her get them painted. She was very clear that she wanted her nails painted orange which is news to me. Usually everything has to be pink pink pink.

On top of her strawberry-scented glitter hair cut and orange nails, she also got a tattoo on her hand, her choice of sucker, AND 2 glittery flower tattoos on her cheek, all included in the haircut. Why don't they offer this to adults??

She was such a goober after we got done. She kept asking to go home so she could show daddy her pretty nails and hair. In fact, I couldn't get her to stand still for a good picture, so this is what you get.

I hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. So cute! I think she has great taste going for orange nails :)

  2. I fully agree that we need a place like this for us mommies. I love the fact that your princess had a fabulous mini pampering day. She looks great (but she always has).

  3. She is so cute. I agree, I wish they had haircuts like that for adults!


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