Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother's Day

Nothing says "Happy Mother's Day" like a bouquet of flowers and a box of gourmet cupcakes, wouldn't you agree?

Not to mention that my wonderful husband made me french toast for breakfast, took me out for lunch, and later made me grilled filet mignon for dinner. It was a great 2nd Mother's Day :)


  1. those cupcakes look amazing!

  2. by the way, that was me, your fake mom, that left that last comment

  3. hahaha, thanks fake mom :) And yes, the cupcakes were delicious! They had all kinds of flavors. Pat got me Key Lime Pie, Prozac (which was chocolate on chocolate), Strawberry and Chocolate, and Strawberry Shortcake :)

  4. Next year, hopefully Haley will step up and make dinner : P


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