Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Eat. Sleep. MAKE: Estate Saling Series

 I've started a new blog at eatsleepmake.com and will no longer be updating this blog (more details here). I will be posting updates here for a short while until everyone has a chance to switch over to follow the new blog, Eat. Sleep. MAKE.


Have you ever shopped at estate sales before? They're a great place to find some valuable stuff, IF you know what you're doing that is! This week, Shannon is sharing some great tips on how to plan, prepare for, and find the best stuff at estate sales in her 3-part series.

 Make sure you check out Eat. Sleep. MAKE. tomorrow for the last part of the series that will cover what stuff to buy at estate sales!

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  1. No way, I JUST blogged about how I love to go to garage/yard/estate/moving sales every morning. I scout them all out the night before, too. Cute blog!
    Hope you'll stop by: sisterhoodofthecraftypants.blogspot.com


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