Friday, July 29, 2011

Reasons why my husband should never go on long business trips.

My husband has been on a business trip for the past 5 days. This means that I got a taste of single parenthood for 5 days. And I am not a fan.

For the past 5 days, I had to manage working full time, caring for the needs of 2 small children, and somehow still taking care of myself. Let's just say it's a good thing I froze some meals beforehand because otherwise I would be eating bowls of Cocoa Puffs for dinner every night. Hats off to you single moms and military wives out there, I already thought you were awesome for doing it on your own, but now you're all officially superhumans in my book.

So, how did these past 5 days go?
  • On the second night my husband was gone, my daughter ate 1-3 rhinestones. I'm not sure exactly how many she ate. All I know is that there were at least 3 sticky spots left on one of her toys where rhinestones should be.
  • My dinner Wednesday night was 1/2 of a roasted acorn squash. Because there's NO way I'm going to attempt to make an actual meal while I have a 2-year-old clinging to my leg repeating, "hold me? hold me? hold me?"
  • I finally shaved my legs on Wednesday because they were really beginning to itch.
  • My daughter ate a green crayon. Yeah, we're at THAT stage where my kid eats stuff. Note to her future teachers: hide the glue.
  • Oh, she also managed to color on the TV screen some before eating said green crayon. (Don't worry honey, I used the screen cleaning spray and told Haley that her college fund could easily be converted into our Medeterranian Cruise Fund if she touched any of the technology again.)
  • Tuesday night both Connor and Haley thought it would be fun to alternate who was awake every hour from 1:30am-5:30am. I think I had 6 cups of coffee the next morning.
  • One night, I took both kids to the local fabric store to pick up materials for a project. Haley managed to stay pretty well-behaved. Connor on the other hand cried every time a stranger even looked at him. At least we know he won't be accepting candy from strange people anytime soon. On the other hand, this might also be a sign that he'll be living at home until he's 35.
Patrick came home last night, and I have never been so glad to see him. I'm sure my kids probably feel the same.


  1. Sounds like you had a great week! I don't know how you do it with 2 kids. My husband is a truck driver and is only home on the weekends. It is hard with one toddler I couldn't imagine 2! Enjoy your weekend with your husband and take a little break you need it!

  2. I can totally relate. My guy was out for five days for business, too. So I made sure my step kids were at their other mom's for the week lest I go mad.

  3. I feel your pain every time hubby travels for work - and this summer, its been a lot. The trips out to Cali are the longest - and somehow, the neighborhood rowdies act up even more and 6 cop cars show up to the neighbors down the street at 1am. And I swear, its only when he travels that in addition to regular stuffs with the boys getting into things, the neighborhood gets a little crazier....Enjoy your weekend with hubby :)


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